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Private Investigator Manchester TN

Welcome to the Manchester Private Investigator website for The Dillon Agency, one of the best private investigators in Manchester TN and Coffee County. The Dillon Agency, a Manchester Private Investigator, is a full service private investigation agency servicing Manchester, Tennessee. Our highly trained and experienced private investigators know and understand the complexity of conducting a private investigation within the city of Manchester, TN. If it’s catching cheating spouses, working with the Manchester Police Department to catch drunk drivers, solve crimes, or conducting a background check, The Dillon Agency, a Manchester Private Investigator has the experience to competently conduct your private investigation. Each private investigation case in Manchester is as unique as is the clients needs. At The Dillon Agency we understand this and handle them as such.

Manchester Child Custody Investigator

The Dillon Agency, a Manchester child custody investigator also conducts family law investigations in Manchester, TN and Coffee County in matters concerning divorce, child custody, move away matters, proving income for child support and spousal support, proving a parent to be unfit, to family law tailored background check. The private investigators of The Dillon Agency, a Manchester child custody investigator has the experience in presenting your child custody evidence and testifying in court.

Manchester Background Check

The Dillon Agency, also conducts Background Checks investigations in Manchester, TN and Coffee County. Background Checks are used for several reasons. If you’re just checking up on someone in your life or are in the middle of a legal case, a background check in Manchester is an invaluable tool to know who you are dealing with. Getting a background check in Manchester and Coffee County can be as simple as obtaining criminal charges, civil lawsuits, divorce cases, bankruptcies. A comprehensive background check includes the above as well as character references, address history, and the employment history records from the Coffee County office. Manchester background checks can be customized to meet the needs of the client.

Manchester Cheating Spouse

The Dillon Agency, a Manchester Private Investigator can get the answers If you have concerns that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend may be having an affair, call The Dillon Agency, a Manchester Private Investigator and learn the truth. It is our experience that if your suspect, you’re probably right. Surveillance is the best way to catch the suspected cheater. All surveillance is conducted by our experienced surveillance investigators using the latest is video surveillance technology and covert camera systems. They say a picture is worth a thousand words: video never shuts up.

Manchester Locate a Missing Person

The Dillon Agency, Manchester Private Investigator has over 23-years of experience is locating missing people or Skip Tracing as it is referred to in the industry. If it’s finding an old friend, a family member, someone who owes you money, or locating a runaway child, we can help.

Manchester Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep

The Dillon Agency, Manchester Private Investigator Technical Surveillance Countermeasure or Bug Sweep team as it’s more commonly called are experts in the detection of electronic monitoring devices within your home, office, or vehicle. With the advancement of modern day technology, the everyday person wanting to steal your secrets is now using what was once available only to governments. To learn more about having your house, office, or vehicle checked for audio and video monitoring devices and GPS units detected, click here.

Manchester Private Investigator Confidentiality Policy

The Dillon Agency, a Manchester Private Investigator has a long standing policy to protect our clients and their privacy. What this means to our Manchester Private Investigator clients is that we will never release any information about our clients, their case, or even acknowledge you’re our client without your express permission. This means absent a court order, even the other party’s attorney will not get our cooperation.

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