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Family Law


The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator is a Certified Family Law Investigator agency.

Family Law cases are extremely stressful and are difficult to prove. Every case that goes to court it’s a “He Said/ She Said” case. The courts know this and usually take an “everyone is bad” approach and reset the slate. Clients are often left with disappointment because the courts didn’t believe them because they lacked the evidence need to win their family law, child custody, or support case.

The person with the hard evidence is the one who usually prevails in any court case, especially family law matters.

The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, knows how to win cases and has a proven track record at doing so.

The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator is a Certified Family Law Investigation agency. What this means for you the client. Unlike most private investigation companies that are a one stop shop (kind of like a handyman service), The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, has dedicated the majority of our services to family law and have met and exceeded all the requirements as set forth by the Board of Investigative Specialists to achieve the difficult and prestigious title of Certified Family Law Investigator.

All investigations are conducted by The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, are in compliance with the Family Law, Evidence, and Code of Procedure laws. Making sure the evidence obtained on your Family Law case is admissible in court.

Below are some of the Family Law Cases that The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator investigates.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

If you have concerns that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend may be having an affair, call The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, and obtain the facts. Our experience with cheating spouse cases is if you suspect, you’re probably right.

If your spouse or loved one is being dishonest about their personal relationships with others, it would only be fitting that they are being dishonest in other areas of the relationship as well. End the worry! Know the facts. Call The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator today for a no cost no obligation consultation.

The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, uses covert and overt video surveillance equipment to obtain the evidence you need. Still frame photography is available as well.\

Child Custody

Child custody cases are the number one heard case in the family law court system. When it comes to Child Custody cases, the very first thing a court looks to determine is which parent is better fit to be the custodial parent of the minor children. This is where The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, comes in. Our seasoned and experienced private investigators know what it takes to win custody of children. Since all cases are unique unto themselves, please contact our office for a no cost no obligation consultation.

Proving a Parent Unfit

When it comes to Child Custody cases, the very first thing a court looks to determine is which parent is better fit to be the custodial parent of the minor children. This is when proving the other parent is unfit is paramount. Neglect, drug and alcohol problems, child abuse, extensive criminal behavior, and unsafe environments are all serious issues to the court and with the proper evidence can make all the difference in your child custody case.

Child Support / Spousal Support

Spouses who have been ordered to pay support often lie about their income to pay less in support or vise versa. The receiving spouse lies so they can be paid more in support. This seems to ever so true when they are self employed or get paid in a manner that is hard to prove. Clients who face this problem often feel hopeless and are even more victimized by the other parent. The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, has a proving record of exposing the other spouses true income.

Hidden Assets

Hiding Assets is a very common thing in a marriage when one spouse controls the family’s finances and or the family’s income is split between the two parties. The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, has the experience and resources to locate those hidden assets.

Psychological and 730 Evaluations

Psychological Evaluation or a 730 Evaluation is a short-term reference to the court appointing their own expert to help them reach a decision on the case before them. This is often the case in Child custody cases. A court will assign an approved licensed psychologist to test and assess all parties involved in the custody case to determine which parent is best fit to be the custodial parent. These cases also look in to accusation of abuse, neglect, personality disorders, and drug and alcohol problems.

The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, has worked and prepared evidence for hundreds of 730 evaluations. From gathering hard evidence, witness statements, background investigations, and evidence to prove the other party to be falsifying evidence, well fight for you and your children.

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