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Employee Theft


Do you think your employees are stealing from you?

If you suspect your employee(s) are conducting illegal activities at work, contact The Dillon Agency, an Orange County Private Investigator. Get the facts and catch them in the act. You can find out if the are they sleeping on the job, find out if there is interpersonal relationships disrupting daily activities, or find out if some of your products are walking right out the door.

A thorough legal review of Human Resources policies and procedures is necessary to ensure that offending employees can be dealt with effectively, efficiently, and (if desired) with little or no knowledge of the situation by their cohorts.

At The Dillon Agency, we have successfully deployed legal video surveillance equipment at client locations to develop strong evidence of wrongdoing by employees in the work place.

Don’t take the risk by ignoring signs of employees stealing, sleeping on the job, or violating policies and procedures. It is in your best interest to find out exactly what is going on within your place of business; this will aide you in making the decisions that will solve the problem and improve business.

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