Background Checks


The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator has always said that a background check is an invaluable tool for any type of investigation from Family Law matters, Civil Lawsuits, Criminal Defense, and Witnesses.

A Background Check can range from a simple peak in to someone’s criminal and civil history all the way to an extensive comprehensive background check to include criminal and civil history, bankruptcy, driving records, credit history, address history, relationship history, marital history, employment history, reputation and credibility checks.

Being informed with knowledge of your adversaries is the best tool you can have in and legal or potential legal matter. Contact Us today. The Dillon Agency, an Orange County Private Investigator.

  • Civil Background
  • Criminal Back ground Checks
  • Marital History Checks
  • Employment History Checks
  • Individual Background Checks
  • Credit History Checks
  • Driving Record Checks

The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, can provide you with a detailed background check on individuals, groups, or business to help you make the right decisions.