Below are a few of the many examples of how The Dillon Agency has helped our clients with their investigative needs. The names of our clients have been omitted to protect their privacy.


Case #1

Case #2

Case #3

Case #4


Case #1 – Child Custody Investigation

Our client and his wife were married for four years when she decided to abandon him and their two preschool-aged daughters. Three years later she remarried and felt the minor children should live with her and her new husband. She believed that since she was remarried she was now entitled to have full custody of the children and that our client (who had been the primary custodial parent) should become a “weekend dad.” Our client retained a certified family law attorney. At the recommendation of his attorney, our client hired the Dillon Agency—the best choice for a case that required such a great amount of evidence to be collected and had so many witnesses to be interviewed.

During the course of our investigation, The Dillon Agency’s staff of professional investigators discovered that while living a “free lifestyle” our client’s ex-wife had traveled around the country committing financial crimes, used illegal drugs, and had several sexual partners. After being interviewed by our family law/child custody investigators, a boyfriend of our client’s ex-wife decided to come forward and disclose very damaging information about her recent past.

The information we obtained from him would later be called “reckless behavior on the part of the mother” by the court. The Dillon Agency investigators also discovered that although our client’s ex-wife and her new mother-in-law lived together they did not get along and often had violent fights that required police intervention. After learning this, The Dillon Agency obtained police reports and arrest records which were submitted as evidence to the court and the court appointed psychological evaluator.

The End Result

As a direct result of the investigation conducted by The Dillon Agency, our client was awarded primary physical and legal custody of his girls as well as child support. Our client’s ex-wife is now only allowed monitored visitation until she completes parenting classes, anger management classes, drug counseling and obtains a residence separate from her new mother-in-law.