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“Paul is great at case strategizing and executing his investigations”

-Randy Woolford, Attorney at Law







Below are a few of the many examples of how The Dillon Agency has helped our clients with their investigative needs. The names of our clients have been omitted to protect their privacy.

Case #1

Case #2

Case #3

Case #4


Case #4 - Cheating Spouse Investigation

Our client suspected that her husband was engaging in extra-marital activities. She noticed he was spending long hours on the computer and was having secretive conversations with his friends on his cellular phone. Our client hired The Dillon Agency to conduct a cheating spouse investigation on her husband.

Through computer forensic investigation, e-mail tracing, and cellular phone comparison, we concluded our client’s husband’s activities strongly indicated an affair. We recommended to our client that we conduct a mobile surveillance on her husband to confirm our findings. Our client scheduled an out of town trip to visit relatives and we commenced surveillance activities on her husband. Within hours of the surveillance our client’s husband met up with an unidentified female at a hotel in a Laguna Beach, CA. Several hours of covert (hidden) video was obtained of the couple as they had dinner, walked along the beach, drove to a movie theater, engaged in limited sexual acts, and later returned to their hotel room. Through further investigative efforts, our investigators confirmed a positive identification of the unknown female and learned that she too was married.

The End Result

As a result of the investigation conducted by The Dillon Agency, our client confirmed her suspicions—that her husband was having an affair. She was put on alert and soon learned her husband was attempting to liquefy their assets for his personal gain and move in with his girlfriend. Our client was able to hire a family law attorney and protect her interests and assets before it was too late.