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“After paying $3,300.00 a month in spousal support for over 5 years, you were able to prove my ex-wife was and had been living with her boyfriend for almost that whole time.  With the evidence obtained by The Dillon Agency I no longer have to pay her”

-Randy F.





Below are a few of the many examples of how The Dillon Agency has helped our clients with their investigative needs. The names of our clients have been omitted to protect their privacy.

Case #1

Case #2

Case #3

Case #4


Case #2 - Unfair Business Practices Investigation

Our client, a manufacturing company that conducts direct sales at trade shows, conventions, and fairs, had enjoyed great success over their rival competitor since they started operating. However, during the last few shows our client had suffered an atypical loss of sales. They even had customers returning their products for a full refund before the orders had been filled. The owner of the company knew there was foul play involved so he hired The Dillon Agency to investigate his competitor.

Through an undercover investigation, our unfair business practice investigators learned that the sales associates of our client’s competitors were spreading untruthful stories about our client’s product.

The competing company said our client’s product had caused injury to its users. They even went as far as to say that our client took their customers’ money without delivering the product. At a home and garden show in Anaheim, CA, our investigators obtained a hidden video of a member of the competitor’s sales team making these untruthful statements about our client. At the Los Angeles County Fair another undercover investigation obtained video-taped evidence of yet another of the competitor’s sales associates making those same untruthful statements, only this time their sales associate offered our undercover investigator a phony compliant letter supposedly written to our client by an angry customer.

Our investigators obtained a copy of the letter and made contact with the customer who denied ever writing the letter.

The End Result

As a result of the investigation conducted by The Dillon Agency our client filed a law suit against their competitor in federal court and in state court.

The evidence obtained by our investigators was the key to our client prevailing in an injunction against their competitor. In addition, our client was awarded a multi-million dollar judgment against their competitor.